Finding the Perfect Pergola Builder is Easy – Here’s How

Adding a pergola to your property can not only enhance its charm but also its market value. However, before you embark on this project, it is important that you zero in on the best pergola builder. This is what will help you ensure that you end up with a spectacular and durable structure that is also well within your budget.

According to one of the most popular pergola builders in Melbourne, researching the internet is one of the best ways to find the perfect builder for your project. You will not only be spoiled for choices but would also have an idea as to what to expect if you hire a particular builder.

However, this means you might have a hard time picking the right builder. Well, not any more. Here are some tips that will simplify your search for a pergola builder.

Pergola Builders Melbourne_ART Pergolas

  1. Check out their Previous Projects: If you go through the websites of the various pergola builders, you will find that they would have posted the pictures of their past projects. Browsing through these images is all that you need to do to get an idea about the trends and style they follow. In case you like their ideas, you can give them a thought.


  1. Don’t Overlook the Reviews: Now, don’t get carried away just by seeing the pictures on a company website. A popular pergola builder in Melbourne recommends going through the client reviews posted on Google and other search engines. It is here that you will find the genuine testimonials of the past customers of the company. Also, word of mouth plays an important role in choosing a pergola builder. In case one of your friends has got a pergola built in the past, ask them for reference. They would also give you a proper feedback as to what to expect.


  1. Budget Matters: It is very important to consider your budget when picking a builder for your project. Getting swayed by positive testimonials and impressive designs may just won’t be helpful for you as you may end up spending more than you intend. Try to find a pergola builder who can get the work done and that too within the budget that you have in mind.

Though the images on the websites and testimonials may answer most of your queries, there is no harm in picking up the phone and calling the builder to get clarity on any doubts that you might have. Once you have considered all the aforesaid factors, you can go ahead sign up the builder.


Building a Verandah will Increase your Property’s worth: Here’s How

If you thought that a verandah is just an extension of your house, think again? It actually enhances the character of your property while also adding value into your living space. It gives you a space to lounge around with your family and friends, without leaving the comfort of your home but still being outdoors.

According to popular verandah builders in Melbourne, that is not all that the structure does for you. It also enhances the worth of your property. Surprised? Well, read on and find out more.


  1. One with Nature: Lazing around with the air conditioner or heater on full blast is a thing of the past. The modern day people believe in the goodness of fresh air and love to get generous doses of it. Thus, if you add a verandah to your home, the buyers who may later consider buying your house is likely to be more interested in it and would be ready to offer you the asking price.


  1. More under Roof Space: Having a verandah in the house means more under-roof space. At the time when your house is valued, this is bound to add in more value to it. Remember that a verandah is a functional space which is why the space will be incorporated into the total built area at the time of valuation.


  1. Out of Doors but not Out of Home: The present day generation prefers to stay at home but does not want to be confined to the interiors. A verandah in the front or the back would give them enough space to lounge outdoors while also being able to avail the comfort that the house provides. This is something really valuable and one that is sure to add more value to your home.


  1. A Worthy Addition: There are a number of ways in which you can add a verandah to your house. According to a well-known verandah builders in Melbourne, depending upon the kind of verandah you choose and the type of materials you use, the value of your property can go up by a few thousands.

Verandahs can work wonders for the value of your home. But make sure that you go for one with an attractive design. Also, it is important that it complements the structure of your house.

What Material to Choose for Pergola?

Your dream home becomes all the more stunning and beautiful when you add a pergola to it. A not-so-imposing structure, this beautiful addition gives you and your loved ones a space to laze around while being one with nature. What’s more, this being a decorative structure can enhance the value of your home.

However, according to one of the most popular pergola builders in Melbourne, this all boils down to one thing which is finding the perfect material for the pergola. With so many options available, this might seem like a tough decision. Well, not anymore. Here are some of the best materials that can be used to build a pergola.


  1. Wood: Irrespective of whether you are thinking of a freestanding pergola or one that is attached to a wall, wood would be just perfect to construct it. In fact, wood happens to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to pergola construction. However, wood also comes in different forms like rosewood, mahogany, teak and cedar. No matter what kind of wood you choose, you can be rest assured that it would not get decayed, rot or be infested by termites. This is because all these woods contain natural oils that prevent such issues.


  1. Metal: According to one of the most popular pergola builders in Melbourne, many people are more concerned about the strength and resistance of the structure rather than its looks. In case, you too believe in this, then you should go for a metal pergola, especially if you are thinking of building a large structure. However, since metal tends to rust, it is important that all the requisite treatment is done and that you maintain it properly.


  1. PVC: In case, you are one of those people who just can’t spend tend time maintaining a pergola, you should opt one built from PVC. If you use the thicker kind of PVC, you can also be assured of the sturdiness of the structure. What’s more, with this material, you really don’t have to worry about the various issues that can crop up in wood and metal, owing to the weather.


  1. Brick/Stone: Now, if you want the pergola to be an exact match to your home, you can always opt for getting it built with bricks or stones. According to one of the most popular pergola builders in Melbourne, this is a perfect choice if the pergola would be attached to one of the walls of the house.

So, these are some of the best materials to build a pergola. Experts say that these can also be mixed and matched to get a very beautiful structure.

Building a Pergola? Chuck DIY (Do it yourself) and Hire a Professional Today!!

A pergola is a beautiful extension to your house that not only adds personality to your home but also gives you and your family a place to lounge around in the laps of nature without compromising on your privacy. No wonder most homes today have a pergola most of which are DIY (Do it yourself) projects i.e. the proud handiwork of their owners.

Though this may sound like a great idea, builders of outdoor pergolas in Melbourne vouch otherwise. According to them, it is always better to hire a professional to get the job done. Wondering why? Take a look.


  1. Expertise Galore: Professional pergola builders are experienced and have attained proper training in every nuance of building. Thus they have a keen eye for detailing and take all the important factors into consideration when building the pergola. This is not the case with DIY (Do it yourself) projects as you might not be aware of all the fine points that you ought to consider when building a structure.


  1. Zero Chances of Mistakes: We have noticed that DIY (Do it yourself) pergola projects are prone to errors and mistakes as the owners of the home are not trained for the job. On the other hand, when you hire a professional for building a pergola, you can be rest assured that you will get a perfect pergola with zero chances of error or botch ups.


  1. Better Designs: A DIY (Do it yourself) project entails getting everything into place and erecting the structure. You cannot expect a high level of finesse in the design of the pergola. However, this is not the case when you hire a professional pergola builder for your home. You can actually look forward to getting that design and detailing that you always had in mind for the pergola. What’s more, the professional might also add his own touch to it, thus resulting in a beautiful structure.


  1. Lesser Chances of Repair: There is no denying the fact that you opt for DIY (Do it yourself) project thinking about all the money you can save. However, if you take into consideration all the errors you might make, chances are that you will end up spending more money on repairs than you would in hiring a professional to build the pergola in the first place.

Outer pergolas in Melbourne are a common sight and finding a professional to build one for your home is not all that hard. So, chuck your DIY (Do it yourself) ideas and go, hire a professional today!

Why a Carport is a Better Option than a Garage?

You have spent a huge amount to own your dream wheels. So, now you surely want to protect it from thieves as well as sun, rain, dust etc. Yes, a garage is the natural choice that comes to your mind. But what if you don’t have the space or the budget to build one?

Well, fret not!! According to one of the most popular carport builder services in Melbourne, a carport is actually a much favoured choice than a garage. Not sure yet? Read on to find out more.


  1. Low Building Cost: Believe it or not but a garage seems a wiser option for people who own more than one car. There is no point in spending tons of money to get a garage erected to hold just one car. A carport on the other hand gives your vehicle all the required protection while also being well within your budget.


  1. Up in Less Time: Building a garage is no child’s play. It requires a lot of time and the project may end up getting extended for weeks. On the other hand, reputed carport builder services in Melbourne vouch that building a carport is a simpler affair and one that can be completed well within a week’s time.


  1. No Workers in the House: Just like most house improvement projects, building a garage would warrant having workers around your house. However, this is not the case with carports. These being independent structures are totally nuisance free and your family can relax even when the project is underway without worrying about losing their privacy and making do with workers in their way all the time.


  1. No Official Permits Needed: According to a carport builder service in Melbourne, a garage is an additional structure added to your house which requires concrete work. Thus, you would need to get the required permits from the concerned authority. On the other hand, you do not need to worry about gaining permits to build a carport.


  1. Versatile: A garage is a place where you house your car and that is all you can do with it. However, a carport being a much more open structure can also double up as a party venue or for some lounging time with family. What’s more, you can beautify it with plants and what not.

Carports are surely a more sensible option for homes that have a cosy exterior and for times when you have financial constrictions.

Decking Benefits that you never really gave any Thought to

Thinking of upgrading your home? Well, there sure are a number of ways you can do it. It would be a good idea to add in something that would be functional throughout the year. One of the best options for this is to add a deck to your house.

Yes, you heard it right. According to a reputed company that offers services of building decking in Melbourne, adding a deck has many benefits for you and your family. Wondering what these are? Take a look.

Decking Melbourne_ART Pergolas

  1. Perfect Place for Hosting a Party: If you are one of those people who shy away from hosting parties because you don’t want a messy interior or worried about your expensive furniture, then deck is sure a great addition to your house. This way you can host your parties on the deck and quit worrying about your home interiors. What’s more, your guests would love the idea as this would give them a chance to enjoy themselves in natural surroundings.


  1. Enhanced Value of the House: Believe it or not, but adding a deck to your house boosts its value. About 72% of the deck building cost in compensated by the increase in the value of the house.


  1. Add-on Aesthetics: There is no denying the fact that a deck can work wonders for the way your home looks. It not only adds a dimension to your property but also makes it visually appealing, giving it a elegant look. What’s more choosing the material that matches your other home accessories like shutters etc would further add to the attraction.


  1. Up and About in No Time: According to an expert designer of decking in Melbourne, a lot of people shy away from getting a deck built thinking that it would take a lot of time. However, this is not the case. A deck can be built within a matter of a few weeks. So, you don’t have to worry about having to put up with the disturbance and noise for too long.


  1. Budget-Friendly: One of the best things about adding a decking to your home is that it rather cost effective when compared to the other home improvement projects. Thus, you can easily enhance the look and value of your home by shelling out a reasonable amount.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get a deck for your home today!!


Tips to Choose a Pergola Design for your Backyard

A pergola in your backyard not only adds character to your property but also defines a specific space for you and your family to lounge in or entertain your friends. But, the challenge is to choose a pergola design that is attractive and trendy while also being well within your budget.

Well, this sure can be an overwhelming task, but here are some expert tips from builders of pergolas in Melbourne that are sure to simplify the challenge.

Pergolas Melbourne_ART Pergolas

  1. The Look: Now, this definitely tops the list. This is totally about your preference and how you wish to incorporate the landscaping of your garden. In case, you are thinking of a design that would look grand, then an arched one is the best option. However, if you want something that looks chic and contemporary, then you can opt for flat roofed pergola.


  1. The Use: According to expert designers of pergolas in Melbourne, the pergola that you put in your backyard should not only look good but should also be functional. So, when deciding on the design of the structure you should also consider how you would be using it. Like, if you are planning to use it for entertaining your friends, you would have to think of a larger pergola. On the other hand, if you are putting up the structure to spend quality time with the family, then a cosy one would be just fine. You may also have to consider whether you would be adding in some gadgets like a grill etc to the structure.


  1. The Required Shade: There is no denying the fact that pergolas are open structure. However, they do offer shade as well. This depends upon the kind of roof you choose and the distance between the purlins or bars. Consider the amount of shade that you want in the pergola when selecting the design. If you want more shade within the structure, opt for closely spaced bars and vice versa.


  1. The Size: According to companies that offer services to build pergolas in Melbourne, people often tend to overlook the size of their backyard when opting for a pergola. The size of your pergola can be determined based on the size of your backyard. If you have a smaller backyard, it is advisable to opt for a sleek and cosy design.

So, if you have been indecisive about what pergola design to choose for your backyard, these tips are sure to help you out.

Trends of Popular Patio Designs

Today people are more interested in spending their time outdoors to relax and interact with family and friends. This is one of the reason why people who build houses insist on having a grand patio so facilitate their relations and interactions. A patio is generally referred to an area that is adjacent to the house, which is then extended from the patio to the lawn. The patio is a paved area, lying between the house and the lawn or garden, making it a good space for small home gatherings and parties. Since the patio is extended to the garden or lawn area, there is ample space for recreational activities. Usually a swimming pool, a tennis court and other areas are an extension to the patio. Though the patio is attached to the house it is an open area and not enclosed by walls and the roof of the house extends over it.

Patio Design Builders in Melbourne _ART Pergolas

There are various types of patios that are in vogue nowadays and people have their own choices. But when planning to build a patio, it is always important that some information is gained on the pros and cons of the various types of patios designs. In fact, a patio must be designed in such a way that it suits the exterior decor of the house as it is a part of the house even though it is an outer extension of the house. There are basically two types of patios that are popular which are offered by the patio design builders in Melbourne and they are:


Alfresco is a kind of a patio in which the area is built under the main roof of the house and is a part of the original structure of the house. Unlike a patio, which is an additional extension, attached to the house and looks like it is a part of the house structure, the Alfresco is usually built when there are ample outdoor areas with the roof of the house already existing over that space.


The Bistro patios are similar to the pergolas, as they are built away from the main structure of the house and are small in size. Usually perfect for a very small group of people, the Bistro is generally used as a breakfast or a after dinner coffee space. The decor of the area can be enhanced by setting up a small pool of floating flowers or may be a small fountain.

If planning to build a house with a patio in it, one of the best ways to do it is to engage the services of the patio design builders in Melbourne as they are very familiar with the latest designs, use the most effective materials and is equipped with the high-quality skills of their professionals.

Specifications On Designing a New Garage

What Are the Specifications On Designing a New Garage?

Every house owner who possesses a vehicle of any kind needs a garage in order to keep it safe. Today since most homeowners possess a car or cars, most homes are built with that extra space that can be used as a garage. A garage is not only a space for parking the vehicles, it can also be used as a utility area or a storage area for all the stuff that families rarely use, but avoid disposing off, just in case they need it. When building a home, it is advised that the design also includes a garage even if the owner does not possess a car. A garage can be helpful in more ways than just being a place to park the vehicle, and that is why every homeowner must include the garage space when having the home designed. There are many Garage Builders in Melbourne who are familiar with the dos and don’ts of building a garage and they are also aware of the latest designs, materials, and colour schemes to match the exterior decor of the house. However, when designing a garage, it is ideal that a few factors be maintained and taken care of which include the following:


  1. Make sure that the garage has ample space so that the car is not cramped up. This will also enable comfortable parking process.
  2. Another benefit of having a spacious garage is that any repair work on the car, car washing or painting
  3. It is better to build a new garage than renovate or refurbish an old one, as some innovations can be done on it and the space can be customised for the latest designs of cars.
  4. If you have kids, they are likely to have bicycles which also can be placed in the garage and this also needs to be envisaged when designing a garage.
  5. Having a garage within the premises of your garden or yard is one of the safest ways to protect the vehicle from inclement weather and unwanted vandalism.
  6. Before the building of the garage begins, make sure that the Garage Builders in Melbourne has offered you the blueprint and the plan of the garage. This is helpful as any changes that you as a homeowner would like can be carried before the work begins.
  7. Suggestions can be put forth regarding the utility value of the garage. Additional spaces can be made use of by building shelves, small cupboards and racks on the walls. But care should be taken that these additional attachments do not hinder the movement of the vehicle.

When designing a garage, it is best to entrust the work to the Garage Builders in Melbourne, so that their professional expertise results in a garage with utility value as well security.

Popular Pergola Trends that are here to Stay

Most home owners, who have a garden or a backyard dream of adding a personal space to it, where they can chill out with their family and friends while being one with nature. Well, according to one of the most sought after pergola builders in Melbourne, this has led to the popularity of pergolas. This increasing demand for these external structures in turn has brought in some really promising trends that are sure to be around for a long time to come.

In case, you are also thinking of getting a pergola built for your house, make sure that you check out these trends before taking the plunge.

Pergola Builders Melbourne_ART Pergolas

  1. Dark is Beautiful: Gone are the days when people vouched by white panels or standard wooden shades for pergolas. Lately, more and more people are opting for darker shades for their pergola panels, with chocolate brown being a hot favourite. Remember that the colour of the pergola does not affect its functionality in any way. It would still filter the sunlight and prevent you from getting tanned or sun burnt.
  2. Motorised Louvre Covers: In today’s scenario when anything and everything can be controlled using a remote control, why would the pergolas be left behind. According to a famous pergola builder in Melbourne, a lot of people these days are opting for automatic, motorized louvers for their pergola structure. The benefit of this is that the users can use a remote control to alter the way the sun shines into the structure. This means, it offers an added security from sun during the hot, summer months.
  3. Aluminium with Wood Embossment is In: When you opt for a pergola in wood, you sign up for a structure that requires a lot of maintenance all year round. What if you get one which looks just as enchanting but requires little maintenance? Yes, this is what aluminium panels with wood embossment do for you. These look quite identical to their wooden counterparts but do not need any kind of painting or staining. Also, you don’t have to worry about their upkeep.
  4. Temperature Control is Cool: Do you give up using a pergola is the cold winter months or when the nights turn chilly? Well, not anymore! According to one of the most experienced pergola builders in Melbourne, you can add in an infrared heater to your pergola. This will help in regulating the temperature of the structure when mercury drops.

So, now that you know of some of the best pergola trends take some time out to contemplate what seems best and then decide.