Trends of Popular Patio Designs

Today people are more interested in spending their time outdoors to relax and interact with family and friends. This is one of the reason why people who build houses insist on having a grand patio so facilitate their relations and interactions. A patio is generally referred to an area that is adjacent to the house, which is then extended from the patio to the lawn. The patio is a paved area, lying between the house and the lawn or garden, making it a good space for small home gatherings and parties. Since the patio is extended to the garden or lawn area, there is ample space for recreational activities. Usually a swimming pool, a tennis court and other areas are an extension to the patio. Though the patio is attached to the house it is an open area and not enclosed by walls and the roof of the house extends over it.

Patio Design Builders in Melbourne _ART Pergolas

There are various types of patios that are in vogue nowadays and people have their own choices. But when planning to build a patio, it is always important that some information is gained on the pros and cons of the various types of patios designs. In fact, a patio must be designed in such a way that it suits the exterior decor of the house as it is a part of the house even though it is an outer extension of the house. There are basically two types of patios that are popular which are offered by the patio design builders in Melbourne and they are:


Alfresco is a kind of a patio in which the area is built under the main roof of the house and is a part of the original structure of the house. Unlike a patio, which is an additional extension, attached to the house and looks like it is a part of the house structure, the Alfresco is usually built when there are ample outdoor areas with the roof of the house already existing over that space.


The Bistro patios are similar to the pergolas, as they are built away from the main structure of the house and are small in size. Usually perfect for a very small group of people, the Bistro is generally used as a breakfast or a after dinner coffee space. The decor of the area can be enhanced by setting up a small pool of floating flowers or may be a small fountain.

If planning to build a house with a patio in it, one of the best ways to do it is to engage the services of the patio design builders in Melbourne as they are very familiar with the latest designs, use the most effective materials and is equipped with the high-quality skills of their professionals.


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