Building a Verandah will Increase your Property’s worth: Here’s How

If you thought that a verandah is just an extension of your house, think again? It actually enhances the character of your property while also adding value into your living space. It gives you a space to lounge around with your family and friends, without leaving the comfort of your home but still being outdoors.

According to popular verandah builders in Melbourne, that is not all that the structure does for you. It also enhances the worth of your property. Surprised? Well, read on and find out more.


  1. One with Nature: Lazing around with the air conditioner or heater on full blast is a thing of the past. The modern day people believe in the goodness of fresh air and love to get generous doses of it. Thus, if you add a verandah to your home, the buyers who may later consider buying your house is likely to be more interested in it and would be ready to offer you the asking price.


  1. More under Roof Space: Having a verandah in the house means more under-roof space. At the time when your house is valued, this is bound to add in more value to it. Remember that a verandah is a functional space which is why the space will be incorporated into the total built area at the time of valuation.


  1. Out of Doors but not Out of Home: The present day generation prefers to stay at home but does not want to be confined to the interiors. A verandah in the front or the back would give them enough space to lounge outdoors while also being able to avail the comfort that the house provides. This is something really valuable and one that is sure to add more value to your home.


  1. A Worthy Addition: There are a number of ways in which you can add a verandah to your house. According to a well-known verandah builders in Melbourne, depending upon the kind of verandah you choose and the type of materials you use, the value of your property can go up by a few thousands.

Verandahs can work wonders for the value of your home. But make sure that you go for one with an attractive design. Also, it is important that it complements the structure of your house.


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