Popular Pergola Trends that are here to Stay

Most home owners, who have a garden or a backyard dream of adding a personal space to it, where they can chill out with their family and friends while being one with nature. Well, according to one of the most sought after pergola builders in Melbourne, this has led to the popularity of pergolas. This increasing demand for these external structures in turn has brought in some really promising trends that are sure to be around for a long time to come.

In case, you are also thinking of getting a pergola built for your house, make sure that you check out these trends before taking the plunge.

Pergola Builders Melbourne_ART Pergolas

  1. Dark is Beautiful: Gone are the days when people vouched by white panels or standard wooden shades for pergolas. Lately, more and more people are opting for darker shades for their pergola panels, with chocolate brown being a hot favourite. Remember that the colour of the pergola does not affect its functionality in any way. It would still filter the sunlight and prevent you from getting tanned or sun burnt.
  2. Motorised Louvre Covers: In today’s scenario when anything and everything can be controlled using a remote control, why would the pergolas be left behind. According to a famous pergola builder in Melbourne, a lot of people these days are opting for automatic, motorized louvers for their pergola structure. The benefit of this is that the users can use a remote control to alter the way the sun shines into the structure. This means, it offers an added security from sun during the hot, summer months.
  3. Aluminium with Wood Embossment is In: When you opt for a pergola in wood, you sign up for a structure that requires a lot of maintenance all year round. What if you get one which looks just as enchanting but requires little maintenance? Yes, this is what aluminium panels with wood embossment do for you. These look quite identical to their wooden counterparts but do not need any kind of painting or staining. Also, you don’t have to worry about their upkeep.
  4. Temperature Control is Cool: Do you give up using a pergola is the cold winter months or when the nights turn chilly? Well, not anymore! According to one of the most experienced pergola builders in Melbourne, you can add in an infrared heater to your pergola. This will help in regulating the temperature of the structure when mercury drops.

So, now that you know of some of the best pergola trends take some time out to contemplate what seems best and then decide.


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