Building Permit Requirements

From home improvement projects to home repair ones, most cases require a building permit that is issued by the local authorities. Of course, minor repairs do not really call for such permits. However, any work that involves works like putting in a new structure, electrical work, plumbing work or heating would require a permit from the concerned authorities.

In case you hire a professional for your home improvement task, you really don’t have to worry about the permit as this will be handled by the experts. In fact, if a contractor suggests you to go ahead with the work without a permit, it is your first clue to get rid of him.


Why do you Need Building Permit?

Getting a building permit may seem like a cumbersome task and a useless one at that. Well, this is not true. When you apply for a permit, the work comes under the scrutiny of the concerned authority. They in turn assure that all the regulations and safety measures are adhered to during the process. Also, they will keep an eye on the kind of work that would be put in by the contractor and his workers. Thus, a permit guarantees complete safety of your family and loved ones.

What’s more, lack of a building permit in cases where it is required can land you in trouble with the authorities. You may either be instructed to pull down the structure that you have built or would be fined.

When do you need a Building Permit?

Any kind of work which requires major change to the existing structure would need a building permit. In case, you are not sure what all this entails, it would always be a good idea to check it out with the local authorities. The tasks that do require a building permit are

  • Alteration to the house’s foundation
  • Moving a wall that bears load of the structure
  • Alterations to the roof
  • Adding a new door, window or an opening to an existing structure
  • Moving a sink to new place
  • Replacing the present stove with one that works on natural gas
  • Installation of electric wiring

When is a Building Permit not required?

When the work being done is a minor one i.e. one which does not compromise the safety of the residents, in such case a building permit is not required. Some of the instances are

  • Replacing the door and windows with new ones without making changes to the structure
  • Replacing a faucet
  • Installing new floor tiles
  • Installing a new counter top

A building permit is extremely crucial as it ensures your safety. However, this entails inspections from the authorities as well as payment of a certain amount. All said and done, a building permit is a must in many cases and overlooking its need is not recommended.



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