All that you need to Know before Building a Pergola

Outdoor Decking and Pergolas Melbourne ART PergolasOkay, so you have finally bought your dream home and are all set to decorate it as per your taste. Well, that sure sounds exciting. However, you are also up for some challenges when it comes to the landscaping of your outer space. There are a number of ways that you can do it. But, building in a Pergola sure tops the list.

Though this is a great idea and will work wonders for your home, according to Pergola builders in Melbourne, people usually overlook a few crucial factors in all the excitement of putting up one. So, make sure you are well versed with these factors before you decide on creating a Pergola in your home.

  1. Know the Frost Depth: This is very crucial as every winter your backyard is ought to be covered with frost. Knowing the frost level will ensure that the Pergola support beams are fixed below this level. In case you don’t do so, chances are rife that the frosting and the thawing thereafter will lead to thrusting out of the beams and thereby ruin the whole structure.


  1. Permit Requirements: According to reputed Pergola builders in Melbourne, a permit is generally not required for erection of a Pergola. However, if you are thinking of putting up lights and other electric equipments in the structure, then you may have to get a permit from the concerned authorities. Thus, it would be a good idea to find out the details about these permits before you plan to build a Pergola.


  1. Checking with the Utility Providers: Erecting a Pergola requires digging the ground to fix in the beams. It has been seen that during the construction process, the utility lines for gas or electricity are cut or harmed. This can be quite dangerous and at the same time cost you a lot. Thus before you start the construction process, make sure to get in touch with the local utility providers. Getting an idea of where these lines run through will help ensure that no harm is done to these lines while the Pergola is built.


  1. Materials to Use: According to the expert Pergola builders in Melbourne, there are a wide range of materials to choose from when it comes to building a Pergola. These include cedar, rosewood, pine etc. In case you are not looking for wood, you can also opt for other materials like aluminium, vinyl, fiber glass etc. You can choose a material based on your preference, its looks and your budget.

A Pergola can add loads of charm to your dream home. Keeping the aforesaid points in mind will ensure hassle free construction and premium satisfaction.


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